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31.12.2013 04:28 - Bulgarians between the democracy of the Indians or the dictatorship of the redskins
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Bulgarians between the democracy of the Indians or the dictatorship of the redskins


" Indigenous peoples of the Americas could not see that the ships of Columbus were approaching the shore, because there was no ship in their description of the world. "

Ship on their list of concepts was equal to something like an island .

They were not been able to see the ships,  just as the turtle on the road can not see either the road nor the car which is approaching to smash it.

Most of the Bulgarians , including the rulers of Bulgaria , can not recognize democracy, except like a new name of the authoritarianism, because the democracy is the state organization that does not exist in their description of the world.

Democracy appeared recently in the inventory of descriptions of the reality only for some of the Bulgarians and, only as far as they have met with the democratic polity , there, on the spot, and with their own senses.

Bulgarian politicians and statesmen , in their overwhelming majority, did not have the ability and / or willingness to learn about democracy with their own senses. 

So, it can not be expected by them to recognize the democratic way of planning and practice in the state. And, this is the reason why Bulgaria treads on the ground of the muddy, flat, authoritarian regime - “island” , called by  all of them "Democracy".

It is why the only successful countries from the former communist bloc are the only those who have been able to rise as their head of state people who have a clear personal sense perception of the concept of democracy, such as Lithuania and Georgia, where the transition to democracy was conducted by the people lived long time in democratic countries.

Or in countries like Poland , the Czech Republic and Slovenia, where much of the population have not lost or quickly have acquired again their personal perceptions to democracy, because of their proximity and human exchanges with the democratic England, Germany, Austria and Italy.

Remarkably, when using the political freedom of the democracy, on the power in these countries reappear " The Indians ", begins immediate restoration of the red totalitarianism in various forms.
Like in Bulgaria for example.

When they take the power , in most cases by using their "Indian" political tools, the "natives" are trying to drag the "island", together with their nations, back to the some form of totalitarianism, and fasten it, with all the primitive instruments, to the first palm tree of a some, still alive, "Indian" Empire.

Because the " Indians " are good in the political rhetoric, and redskin shamanism, they remain blind to what they have never seen, and always return intuitively to that what they have been trained during the time of their simple ritual dances ..

This explains the fact, that for more than two decades ,the Bulgarian politicians and rulers can not create something, that looks like a democratically governed country.

All of them do not have any personal perceptions of democracy, and they try to create such by the descriptions from the others - whether from the  EU councilors or from people living in democratic societies.

But in most cases, they follow the descriptions of “Redskin” elders from the depths of the drought , who not only have never seen a ship , but they do not even know the fresh sea breath of the freedom.

It"s like trying to explain to the Indians, that the ships of Columbus are not islands and if you try to get them to " build a ship " ... they will always build a red island.

This is the explanation of the phenomenon of Bulgarian protests and counter- protests.

Protesters are the Bulgarians, who acquired sensory perceptions about the structure and functioning of a democratic state from personal experience and contrary, the counter-protesters and the organizers of the counter-protests are Bulgarians - " Indians " who are not seeing democracy, because such a thing does not exist in their list of sustainable concepts, which are formed by personal experience ..

This is the drama of the Bulgarian civil society.

Any attempt by the “white” people - citizens , to try to build a ship fails by the fact, that shipbuilders are Indians, who carve wood with the flint tools, and singing in the red choir How How How ..they construct  their red “island” again.

No matter how sad and distant it is, but until as the heads of our country do not become people who have personally tasted the democracy, and have put this concept in the list of their ideas for the structure, government, and the life of the people in the state, there will not be democracy and prosperity in Bulgaria.

This means total and uncompromising replacement of the ruling elite, now consisting of only, objectively blind  for democracy, people - actually "primitive natives ", with the ones, who can see democracy as what actually is.

Such a radical change can not be done and real democracy in Bulgaria can not be established until to be accumulate enough number of “white” citizens who can see the realities of democracy, morality , justice, progress,but not their virtual " aboriginal"s" copies,

These Citizens to unite in democratic

organizations and to emit „white” leaders, whose notions democracy means a specific type of responsible state,  and honest personal and public behavior ..

Similarly are the things in other areas of life in Bulgaria .

We can not expect democratic media, if they are led by the blind owners and editors, who have a vision like aborigines , about the role of the media in the society ..

We can not have a decent judicial system

while 99% of magistrates are " Indians " blind to what constitutes justice in a democratic and constitutional state .

We can not expect the security system of the country, to work folloing the rules of democracy, if it is guided by the " Indians " who have no idea about its role in a democratic state .

It is absurdity to expect our system of education to produce democrats , humanists , market- minded professionals and even decent "white" people , provided that the head of education at all levels stay cemented, and the primitive theachers do not move from their posts for decades - antediluvian, dishonest, redskins who create generations of "Indians", and are producing unseeing the ships of change, followers.

That is the problem with the every part of the state system of a country led by the „indians”.

It just reproduces constantly communism, because their leaders  are  indians, who see freedom there where is the slavery ..

Without a radical change, the Bulgarian State ship will be led by the blind for democracy captains, decorated with colorful Indian feathers by the  type of Stanishev, Mikov , Parvanov, Manolova, Ninova, Koutev, Dogan, Siderov, Borisov, Tsvetanov, Oresharski, Iovchev and similar redskins .

And the choice of the "white" people in Bulgaria will only be between the "democracy" of the indians or the dictatorship of the Redskins.

Which is one and the same .

With the only hope in God!

There is a lot of wine for drink in Bansko!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1. streetsmart - Много тъжно!
02.01.2014 10:39
И вероятно много вярно, макар че никак не ми се иска. От друга страна, какво се случи през 2001-ва, когато начело на държавата бяха доста хора, живели достатъчно време в демократични страни? Така че вероятно и това не е панацеята.
Истината е, че който и да е начело, ако обществото няма развити демократични инстинкти - да търси отговорност и изисква морал - този иначе много "бял" човек бързо научава къде му е интересът и се слива с масата от "индианци".
2. idanchev - Абсолютно не на място
05.01.2014 23:12
Този текс явно е писан от отчаян българин. Толкова отчаян, та чак заслепен. Сагашното ни положение е пряко следствие от дългогодишното комунистическо управление. Мозъците на 2-3 поколения са така промити че гънки не са останали в тях. Обаче за радост идват младите, които въпреки че са необразовани не са покосени от заразното зло.
Българският народ исторически е най-справедливия и най-благородния. Твърдението че сме недорасли за демокрацията е толкова абсурдно че е направо смешно. Най-малко защото демокрацията от западен тип е нещо, което отмира и това се вижда все по-често.
Най-големият бич на комунизма беше че ни отне чувството за общност. Много ще е трудно да си го върнем обратно, но това е неизбежно. Ние сме най-стария народ на земята, нас ни пазят Боговете.
Не падайте духом БЪЛГАРИ!

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